September Season Kick-Off Show:

Upon entering Kavachnina Contemporary, you almost overlook a sculpture to your immediate left. Does it get attention? Or does the viewer walk past? Neutral tones, both futuristic and ancient. While this particular sculpture by Salvatore Zagami may not be the feature of this exhibition, but the paradox in its aesthetic represents the general atmosphere of […]


“Art-Broken,” a diverse group exhibition that combines visual works and poetry to explore the aesthetic meaning of brokenness, not just of physical forms, but of the creative spirit. Whether it be the cringe induced by a vase falling from a pedestal, the deliberate fragmentation of a form, or the complete loss of one’s mind—the fragility […]

Esteban Leyva ” Motion City”

Esteban Leyva  “MOTION CITY” 10 April – 10 May 2014 Preview Cocktail: 10 April. 5-9 pm Opening Reception:  12 April 2014, 6-10 pm Esteban Leyva is one of the  leading Cuban contemporary artists.  Graduated in 1976 from the Academia de Bellas Artes de San Alejandro in La Habana , he is considered today as one […]


  The high poetic intensity of the Russian soul has allowed both it’s art and it’s  literature got a unique  position in the depths of the psyche keeping transcendence and solidarity between them. From the medieval icons of Andrei Rublev up to  the expression of  human mystic in modern painting of Chagall, or the facilities […]

Jean-Michel Othoniel .”The Collier”

“The Collier”,  Murano Glass Sculpture by leading French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel  Since 1993 he has been working almost exclusively in glass, with the help of trained glass blowers (including teams of artisans in Murano and Firozabad). Most of these creations take the form of large glass beads on a string: single strands that look like […]

Angela Lergo. “In The Era of The Soul”

      SCULPTURE INSTALLATION SHOW “IN THE ERA OF THE SOUL” BY  ANGELA LERGO FEBRUARY 8  – APRIL 12                        Centered in the era of the soul, Ángela Lergo offers us a vital and poetic journey by way of her bodily creations. Magic, human existence, nature and social commitment melt together in this installation […]

The Sinners

ARMANDO ROMERO ” THE SINNERS” NOVEMBER 7-  MARCH 8, 2014   Armando Romero on Transcendental Wit  by SASHA MERET There is a hidden little fact written in the secret “Artchemy Codex on How to Make Serious Art Fun”, buried somewhere under one of the Yacata pyramids of Tzitzuntzan. It mentions that Hermes was there on several occasions at the […]

Laura’s World

LAURA’S  WORLD  by  SANDRO DE LA ROSA October 7 – December 4   Laura, a state of  The Soul. The poetic art of  Sandro De La Rosa by  Yissú Pedraza Frequently leads to a confusion with surrealism by an oneiric appearance to present his images, but Sandro de La Rosa doesn’t paint dreams. The artist remains […]