The high poetic intensity of the Russian soul has allowed both it’s art and it’s  literature got a unique  position in the depths of the psyche keeping transcendence and solidarity between them. From the medieval icons of Andrei Rublev up to  the expression of  human mystic in modern painting of Chagall, or the facilities in which Kavakov followed the leak of the utopia in the twentieth century, in a way parallel to the creation of the great literary characters of Gogol, Chekhov, Tolstoy, Turgeniev , Dostoyesvski, among many great authors who narrated the high, low and depth of the human beings, Russian culture has laid the groundwork for the plastics and textual languages more abstract and spiritual, or more referential and realistic of the planet. Corina Michelena, a transdisciplinary artist  and Nina Block,a photographer,  took on the challenge of creating visual works inspired by the characters and the stories of the Russian literature in a way that contain the most sordid and the most luminous of all humanity. Well, this exhibition pretends to allow the spectator pass not only between different arts, but as well between the communicating vessels of the art and life.

Adriana Herrera


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