Kavachnina Contemporary has over 20 years of experience with the regional, national and international art markets and can assist collectors in establishing valuable relationships with emerging artists, established artists as well as art galleries and dealers from around the world. As part of Kavachnina Contemporary´s commitment to lifelong relationships with it´s clients, we can help establish a direct link between a collector´s vision and the artwork that best suits their needs. We are here to make your art selection a more refined and enjoyable experience. Our position and expertise allows our collectors to obtain precisely the works they desire. We have healthy access to the ¨grey market¨in addition to primary and secondary markets.

We believe art is a personal matter that should be based on an individual relationship, one which focuses on singular vision and direction.

Consulting / Curating

Similar to our service of sourcing artworks from around the globe, Kavachnina Contemporary provides a specialized and in-depth experience of solving your art needs. Our art consultancy can provide valuable support to new collectors building their very first collection, seasoned collectors looking to diversify their artwork, or a novice looking for advice on an upcoming purchase. Our service will prove indispensable - having our team present to help understand the process of art creation can help you keep a clear mind in order to make the best decision as opposed to being lost in the mystic allure of the art world. Our service protects our collectors from less than appropriate business practices. Years of experience and top knowledge of the market, as well as art historical relevance, can assist you in making a purchase that will make a lifelong contribution to your collection as opposed to merely follow a trend of the moment.

Collection Management

Kavachnina Contemporary provides a valuable platform on which collectors can base their collection management practices. Everything from cataloging to researching, our team can assure that your collection is up kept in the most up-to-date manner.

AAA Certified Appraisals

We offer certified appraisal services for use in estate and financial planning. Our appraisals are fully certified.

Framing & Restoration of Art-Works.

Restoration, maintenance and museum quality framing with  use of the proper materials and technique to present  or conserve paintings,sculpture,  photography, drawings and collectibles may be requested in the gallery.