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NOVEMBER 7-  MARCH 8, 2014



Armando Romero on Transcendental Wit


There is a hidden little fact written in the secret “Artchemy Codex on How to Make Serious Art Fun”, buried somewhere under one of the Yacata pyramids of Tzitzuntzan. It mentions that Hermes was there on several occasions at the traditional Graffiti Residencies hosted by the local trickster god Tezcatlipoca. Hermes is also known as the Trickster, and among others god of transitions and boundaries, traveler between the worlds. Apparently bored out of his wits by his classical upbringing he was planning one of his stunts on his fellow Olympians. His Temporeal visas, mandatory for any time travelling trip show a series of surprising outings with Tezcatlipoca and a third party, an art teacher from Michoacan. They crashed an anniversary celebration of a certain Hyeronimus near s’-Herthogenbosch in The Netherlands. Also, noted was a disturbance at a Spanish Royal Court painting sitting in Madrid in the company of a certain Francisco, A police report of a break in at the  Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles listed one black duck missing a shooting, and a summons from NYPD was issued for vandalism in Brooklyn, New York. A little out of the way the same three suspects were recorded by a Star Wars long range scanner soliciting favours from a rather unsavory character named Vader or something at a facility on the planet Naboo. The transcripts of  their visits, also mandatory in time travelling conjecture include some other unexpected names like Garfield, Pokemon, Mighty Mouse just to name a few. Getting a little more serious It is also mentionable a stop over they made at Gottingen for an intensive class of Transcendental Phenomenology that might have disbanded the party afterwards. On each occasion the were seen carrying rolled canvases in spite of strict “No Luggage” regulation. Currently, and we have no idea what that really means when one time-travels, the GTA (acronym for Global Time-travelling Agency) has them under investigation. The charge is – interfering with their designated timeline. The naughty trio split after the the German escapade And the GTA agents are working 24/7 to trace the culprits. The main lead were a series of similar graffiti freshly sprayed  on the Moon Pyramid in Teotihuacan, in Plaka on the walls of Acropolis and in Miami on several canvases by a Mexican Artist Armando Romero  exhibited  at the  Kavachnina Contemporary. The Graffiti controversy continues to transcend time and one can always guess a trickster hidden behind this manifestation of eclecticism.There is no real evidence of Armando Romero being the third party mentioned in the above transcripts. His layering technique may suggest an unusual ease of switching between time periods making him a suspect for GTA prosecution. On the other hand his rich cultural background could justify the fertile cultural grounds revealed in his visual explorations. He is boldly questioning of the long term effects on moral values of radically different cultural juxtapositions. His imagery could stand as trophies of an archeology of the moment, where Sin coexists with Irony and his language is made universal through familiar quotations from the History of Art.  His references come full circle from line drawings that could have easily been traced by a shaman in a prehistorical cave to explosive calligraphy of graffiti on the walls in a modern dystopian metropolis. However, there is a strange synchronicity between the methods described in the Artchemy Codex and the reductionist methods in Romero’s neo-eclectic compositions. Here his visual quotations have the tendency to let his imagery float in pure wit and educated fun. It is notable that his canvases could qualify as a serious lessons of “:How to make art fun” thus opening the Time-traveling Agency to some degree of leniency. .


October 2013, New York


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