Esteban Leyva ” Motion City”

Nueva marina. 150x200 cms. acrilico-lienzo. 2013_resized_2

Esteban Leyva  “MOTION CITY”

10 April – 10 May 2014

Preview Cocktail: 10 April. 5-9 pm

Opening Reception:  12 April 2014, 6-10 pm

Esteban Leyva is one of the  leading Cuban contemporary artists.  Graduated in 1976 from the Academia de Bellas Artes de San Alejandro

in La Habana , he is considered today as one of  the most important representatives of a new  abstract art in his home country.

His large-scale, extremely expressive paintings seem to be flooded with light and colors where large striking gestures are offset

by delicate, almost sketchy works. Esteban pretends his artworks to be a response to contemporary life—to globalization and the desire

for a universal language, to the technological revolution, to new materials, and to the endless pursuit of something novel.

The work of Esteban Leyva has been present at international art scenes since the 1983 and until now  artist collaborates with several

commercial galleries and cultural institutions through numerous exhibitions worldwide. For more information about artist /images of

artworks please visit our website






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