Featured Artists:

Jerry Powers | Benoit Alcouffe | Jacques Bosser | Romulo Royo | Salustiano | Vasily Kafanov | Clara Poupel |Uglade

At Art Wynwood 2015, Kavachnina Contemporary (Booth A 3) will feature paintings by  Benoit Alcouffe, Jacques Bosser, Romulo Royo and Jerry Powers--a well known media-giant in Miami. Jerry has gained notoriety for his mug-shot paintings of celebrities like Jim Morrison, Shaq, and Pit-bull, done in a style he describes as “neo pop expressionism.” While the rawness and grit of the aesthetic may resemble something cynical, even transgressive, his paintings come from a much warmer place.

Art Wynwood Booth A 3

Art Wynwood Booth A 3

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