Maria Cristina Carlini



Starts working ceramics towards the beginning of the 1970s in Palo Alto, California, where she follows a specialized course and trains for two years. From 1975 she practices and teaches the wheel work in Brussels, where meanwhile she has moved. Once she comes back to Italy in 1978, she opens her own studio in Milan.

Recent Exhibitions

2011    Miami “Works in Passage”, KAVACHNINA CONTEMPORARY, curated by Gala Kavachnina

2010 Miami  “SculptMiami 2010”, Contemporary Sculpture Art Fair.Miami  “ Works in Passage”, Art Space “Casa Turquesa”Denver “Works in Passage” 
Auraria Higher Education Center, Curated by Cortney Stell
2010 Shanghai “Fortezza” “Legami”
People’s Square, World Expo 2010
Curated by Vincenzo Sanfo
2010 Peking “ Giants, a conversation”
Forbidden City, Curated by Vincenzo Sanfo
2009 Loreto, "Inventario Contemporaneo"
Bastione Sangallo curated by Carlo Franza
2009 Madrid, Italian Institute of Culture
curated by Giovanna Barbero
2009 Madrid, "Opera Ambiente"
Six temporary installations in centre of town
2009 Paris, Mairie du V arrondissement
curated by Giovanna Barbero
2009 Paris, "Sculptures dans la Ville"
Six temporary installations,V arrondissement
2008 Milano, "L'artista e il fotografo" State Archives
curated by Gillo Dorfles
2008 Prague, Italian Institute of Culture
curated by Carlo Franza
2007 Spoleto, "Stemperando 2007", GalIery of Modern Art
curated by Giovanna Barbero
2006 Roma, "Terre" CentraI State Archives
curated by Carlo Franza
2005 Strà–Venice "Reperti", National Museum
curated by Carlo Franza
2005 Turin, "Le stanze", Royal Palace
curated by Carlo Franza
2005 Roma, Artist of the Year awarded
in the Palace of the Senate
2004 Roma, "Tracce e Luoghi" Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza
curated by Carlo Franza
2003 Milan, Borgogna Art Gallery-Gianni Schubert
Critical text Luciano Caramel

Permanent Installation

2010   Miami, ‘ Vittoria Di Samotracha”  MDC Wolfson  Campus

2010 Tianjin, “Letteratura”
Italian district
2010 Jinan, “Fortezza”
Shandong University of Art and Design
2010 Shanghai, “Legami”
Sculpture Park
2010 Peking, “Danzatrici”
Art Museum
2010 Peking, “Viandanti”
Italian Embassy Gardens
2010 Denver, Colorado “Out and Inside”
Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design
2010 Denver, Colorado “Madre”
Auraria Campus, Auraria Higher Education Center
2010 Reggio Calabria, “Monumento al Mediterraneo”
Falcomatà Promenade
2009 Loreto "viandanti"
Giardini di Porta Marina
2009 Madrid "Letteratura"
Paseo de la Castellana
2009 Paris, "Legami" Open Air Museum
V arrondissement
2008 Cosenza, "La Vittoria di Samotracia"
Piazza Valdesi
2008 Milano, "La città che sale"
New Milan Fair at Rho
2007 Milano, "The Gates ofJustice"
Entrance of the State Auditors' Department
2006 Roma, "Fortezza"
in the square of the National Archives


2009, September 13, Peggy Guggenheim Collection:
Presentation of the book Maria Cristina Carlini curated by Yakouba Konaté, present president of the "Association Internationale Critiques d'Art".