2008 Gallery Exhibitions

December – “Box of mental states”, Jose Manuel Ciria (Spain)

– “SculptMiami” contemporary sculpture art fair, L’Oriano GaloniEmil Alzamora, Max Seiz, Terrance Carr, John Berry, Glenn Mayo, James Tyler, Tomas Brewitz among others.

November – Margit Fureder

September – October – Patricia Gutierrez, Kevin Duffy, John Berry, Cheryl Maeder, Jason Poteet

July – The survival of the fittest Video installations, visual artists:

Adrian Baschuk, Michou, Daniel Fiorda , la Tintota group.

May – The Live Master Class, Sylvius Krecu, Enrique Sierra

April – Season 2 of “Still life”…, not exactly… Dimitri Tolstoi

March – February “Cutting Edge “, Rodrigo Aguilera

January – Francisco Toledo, Works on paper.

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