Noemi Sanguinetti


born 1950, Argentina, lives and works in Savona, Italy

Art Academy, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Noemi Sanguinetti is basically a sculptor, though she is also a successful painter and ceramist. After trying different materials for several years, she came to know and love marble and choose it as her favourite material, and a great master, Ramon Castejon (pupil of Maioll and Clarà), taught her the technique of point work and use of the golden compass in the transition from rough draft to work of art. Over the years her creative career has developed in the direction of a number of different themes: heads, busts, torsos, “maternities” and couples, putting to good use her study of drawing with Aurelio Macchi and modelling with Alberto ;her works were exhibited alongside those of Manzù, Messina, Minguzzi, Pomodoro and Vangi.

Over time she has left behind her everything she has learned, but this doesn’t make her feel lighter. She sees today’s sculptures as a new starting point in her artistic career, but they are also the product of all those previous times, linked with her life of wandering and her story. She came to Italy to answer the call of the marble and the workshops of Carrara, where she worked with Carlo Nicoli, she has lived in Savona since ‘94, her works are present in numerous Ligurian towns, from Badalucco to Varazze.


1972  Museo General San Martin, Buenos Aires

1975  Galería Liloray, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1981  Societa Italiana, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1984  Museo General San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1985  Galería Gala, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1986  Canale 11, Buenos Aires

1986  Galería  Amicitian,Buenos Aires, Argentina

1987   Colegio de Los Abogados, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1988   Antomova Gallery, Miami, Florida

1989   Salle de Fêtes, Montigny, France

1989   Galería Del Oeste, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1990   Galería Praxis Internacional, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1991   Art Center Loft , Buenos Aires, Argentina

1994   Museo de Arte Moderno, Punta de Este, Uruguay

1995   Bienal de Serigrafía Rene Portocarrera, Habana, Cuba

1995   ArtMiami Art Fair, Sisley Gallery, Miami, Florida

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2005   Memoli Arte Contemporánea Gallery, Busto Arsizio, Italy

2006   Art Miss Gallery, París, France

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2008   Mondo Arte Gallery, Giardini di Brera, Milano, Italy

2008   Donnerbaum-Schulhaus  Muttenz, Switzerland

2009   Compilesso Monumentale di Santa Caterina Oratorio De' Disciplinanti

Finalborgo -Savona, Italy

2012.  ArtWynwood Art Fair, Kavachnina Contemporary, Miami, Florida