KAVACHNINA CONTEMPORARY has been a leading fixture in Miami’s Contemporary art scene for ten years. The Gallery has long embraced unpredictability in its exuberant exhibitions, rendering a mélange of cultures and ideas across the canvas of the public view, garnering national acclaim. Voted as "The Best Damn Art Show, Period" by The Miami New Times in 2010 and earning the 2009 Miami Award in the Art Galleries & Dealers category by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA) KAVACHINA CONTEMPORARY’S successful curatorial philosophy is consciously provocative yet inherently cerebral, bringing both highly-talented young and long established local and international artists to an ample, welcoming space. As its international repertory grows, gallery’s priority is maintaining and developing its privileged relationships with artists, attendees, collectors and friends of prestigious local and international cultural institutions.

Gala Kavachnina , gallery founder and director , has taken admirable risks to bring art to her space that seeks to open viewers to more than superficial noodling in what can be an intimidating art world. At the core of her practice is a desire to foster deeper awareness and openness to new art forms. She selects artists who have exceptional technique, unique style and subject matter.



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4648 SW 74th Avenue

Miami, FL 33155

IG: kavachnina_contemporary