- artistic district Murcia


- Exhibition Shongzhuang art Museum of Beijing

- Exhibition Trades international Artemericas Miami Beach Convention Center

- permanent sculpture Museum of Source Poplar. Murcia


- exhibition Museum Modern Art Fort Lauderdale, Miami

- sculpture Publishes in Murcia. Town hall of Murcia



- museum of modern art of Almeria. Itinerant exhibition MEDITERRANEAN.

- museum of the Palace Almudí, Murcia

- Alicante MUSEUM in the Strap of the Fish

- Sculpture PALM in honor to Michael Hernández in Orihuela.


- Cartel I bury of the sardine 2007.

- Individual exhibition YOU SEQUENCE in the gallery Arte13 in Madrid,

- Collective exhibition. Room I Hammer CAM. Murcia

- Itinerant exhibition MEDITERRANEAN. Diocesan museum Barcelona

- Itinerant exhibition MEDITERRANEAN. Valencia the museum Center of Carmen

- Sculpture entered BARK the WELL supply



- Nostalgia for the elopements. "Rosa Pasión" comes to Pamplona - Navarre-. Manuel and Francisca also come to Madrid - Gallery Larra - with recent work.

- Cartel for the holidays of Moors and Christians of Caravaca of the Cross


- San Esteban's Room, current headquarters of the Regional Government offer to them the opportunity to exhibit. The president of the Autonomous Community, Ramon Luis Valcárcel, writes the prologue of the catalogue of this sample.



- All his creations up to the current importance are born in his house - study located in the locality murciana of Totana.



- They exhibit in the Fair of Art in Miami - Art Miami--. Later virgins of The Carib go 2 months to the islands and take part in a collective sample in the Manufacturers' Club of Querétaro in Mexico.

To his return to Spain they buy an estate in Murcia, where they will locate his house I study. There they do a summary of his experiences along the world: Morocco, Africa, Egypt, Japan, The Carib, Germany ….


- I return to New York and Miami, the Murcia of the United States for his light and his mixture of Mediterranean and Latin culture. The Bank Santander supports Muher with his exhibition "Isthmuses" in Miami, at the time that they receive the keys of the hand city of institutions of the high political American class. It is a year replete with exhibitions: " Trip to Germany " in the Circle of the Fine arts, " Water games ".


- Monthly stay for American cities: New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. In the latter they reduce bows with personalities of the market of the American art. After his American stay, they visit Indonesia and again Germany.

A year of voyages.


1996 - 1997

They travel to Germany to work a project on an exhibition of the country. Chamber of photos and a notebook, indispensable tools once again to do a notebook of trip



- They present an individual exhibition in the Cultural Center House of Cows. Finally, Murcia turns into the place to work in touch with the environment.

The light receives more force in his pictures

- Cartel the XXVIIIth international festival of folklore in the Mediterranean one. Ayto. of Murcia.


- Again, Murcia turns into his second residence. This time will be one every in Totana's garden, where it turns into his artistic enclave isolated of Madrid, city that will be the central topic of the individual exhibition that has entrusted them the town hall of Madrid.

The isolation between palms, alcibaras and prickly pears it will serve to work contemplativamente.



- The first exhibition in Murcia


- His residence in the Region of Murcia brings them over to the landscape. This way they offer them to exhibit in the Palace Almudí, at par that alternate stay with his study in Madrid and Murcia.



- The blurred one goes out, and with her the energy of the artists who gave to him form. At this moment of crisis, Muher shelters on the coast murciana to escape of a gray, not positive at all panorama for the color and the energy that his creations detach from his house in the beach. A contact first hand necessary before the lack of inspiration

. 1990

- They present " Impressions of Japan " on the Market Door of Toledo. Of the painting fauvista and happy that characterizes his previous painting, Manuel and Francisca become more temperamental with brushstrokes slower and rational influenced by the Japanese philosophy.

The simbología would receive also such importance that later years would develop more exhibitions in numerous galleries of art of Madrid.

It is the trip that more has marked his path.


- They gain the international prize " Latin America by train ", with that they paint a train on the occasion of the fifth centenary of the discovery of America.

They are counter

carried of the diary El País newspaper, which they an interview dedicates profile as versatile artists.

For his peculiar style to create, the Association of Japanese businessmen in Spain grants a scholarship to them to cross the Japanese country and to portray it later in an itinerant exhibition.

Muher is known in the panorama as painters of stays.


- The Department of Culture plays the role of patron for Muher's exhibition in the Dominican Republic. There they expose the work of the whole year.



- Trip - scale to New York. For one month they reside in the neighborhood of The Soho, later to move to the Dominican Republic, where for 6 months they soak in the Caribbean color.


- After an individual exhibition in the Savings bank and Pawnshop of Madrid, they inform in a collective exhibition in the Coffee East of Madrid. Last stop before his trip to Egypt, where they crossed in sailboat the Nile. There they lived for two months through the experience of the textures, the landscape and the light of the desert.


- They reside 3 months in the Canary Isles, which it will inspire for in June to present his first individual exhibition in the Architects' Technical Top High school in Madrid. Expressionist begins his stage, where the constructivismo and the color stand out opposite to the textures of land and the influences of the sea that marked his tour for the Mediterranean the previous year and that gave proved in an exhibition in the House of the Clock of Madrid together with young artists of The blurred of Madrid one.

In this incursion with the cultural movement of the moment, Muher takes part in numerous collective activities. This way it starts exhibiting in the Gallery Moryarty, in Supermerkat, and being fitted in the artists' sphere as Miquel Barceló, Marshall, Cessepe, entity others.


- the already known ones artistically as Muher, apocope of the surnames Muñoz and Blacksmith, begin his stage constructivista and of work in the textures and the color.



- While both study - he architecture, she advertising drawing and it comes out in photographs-, his sign like Muher gives them the recognition. They gain a prize to present a collective exhibition with all the artists rewarded in Guadalajara.

It is also the moment of his first capture of contact with the Mediterranean across a trip from Huelva up to Alicante.

To look for sources of inspiration, to experiment with materials, to find impressions.

It is the search of the artist unconformist.


- A study in the Street Palm is the scene where Manuel and Francisca begin his path as artists.

Before his arrival On March 19, in that housing there resided a pair of artists who were composing in equipment: the Costus. By chance, Manuel and Francisca followed this routine spontaneously giving it begins to the creative keynote that will be the sign of identity in all his career. Also in this study Pedro Almodóvar rolled his first movie: " Pepy, Lucy Boom and other girls of the heap ". Artistic anecdotes are not absent.