Laura Rodriguez

A very talented, promising  young artist Laura Rodriguez.

Kavachnina Contemporary presents  exhibition “Pour It Up” by  Laura  Rodriguez,  talented, young, promising ,Miami based , Madrid born artist , showcasing for the very first time her stunning watercolor collection .

Watercolor is one of the oldest and arguably greatest techniques of painting. its versatility and simplicity  gives one an opportunity to experiment with the medium.  For Laura art is a tool for personal expression that she  uses to create something new, totally  "beautiful" that will be  able to acquire its own life , independently of hers.

Laura became interested in art since she was a little girl.

She began drawing as soon as she learned how to hold a crayon .She would use as many colors in

each picture as crayons given her. Laura grew up around her father, well-known artist Robaldo Rodriguez and his  influence is apparent in her work.

Watercolor has been her passion ever since she applied her first brush stroke. She loves the spontaneity of a loaded brush of pigment mixed with water to create charming colors.

Elizabeth Peyton is Laura’s favorite artist, especially her watercolors, where Laura feels the pressure of contemporary life "speed" and admires her technique and intensity of expression. Her series of drippy, ethereal watercolor nudes and portraits are beautiful and capture the essence of persons and bodies she attempts to reproduce.

Soft colors and subdued lights work together to create individual expression and the rich tones and subtle strokes of watercolor convey intimacy and sensuality Laura is a young talent on the rise and new works will continue to be produced.  Her works are absolutely astonishing..

Laura Rodriguez first watercolor collection is a prove of her talent and a preview of the art that is coming......