Art Miami New York

Join Kavachnina Contemporary at Art Miami New York Booth C 33.May 14 – 17 | 2015  VIP Preview May 14 ArtMiamiNY 2015


Featured Artists: Jerry Powers | Benoit Alcouffe | Jacques Bosser | Romulo Royo | Salustiano | Vasily Kafanov | Clara Poupel |Uglade 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 At Art Wynwood 2015, Kavachnina Contemporary (Booth A 3) will feature paintings by  Benoit Alcouffe, Jacques Bosser, Romulo Royo and Jerry Powers–a well known media-giant in […]


“It happens often to artists…to find themselves away from real life. We get lost in the clouds or we dive into an ocean of reveries. That’s when our friends and family play a very important role getting us back to reality. They call us and remind us who we are and where is our place. The […]