SALUSTIANO on Cover of Der kunsthandel Magazine.

SALUSTIANO Featured on the Cover of Der kunsthandel Magazine. More From SALUSTIANO Art Palm Springs 2019 February 15-18. 2019 Palm Springs Convention Center 277 N. Avenida Caballeros, Palm Springs, CA 92262 Opening night, Feb 14 5-9pm VIP Tickets only More Info Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann NADALEENA MIRAT BRETTMANN Born in Trogir Croatia (1968) Lives and works […]


Featured Artists: Jerry Powers | Benoit Alcouffe | Jacques Bosser | Romulo Royo | Salustiano | Vasily Kafanov | Clara Poupel |Uglade 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 At Art Wynwood 2015, Kavachnina Contemporary (Booth A 3) will feature paintings by  Benoit Alcouffe, Jacques Bosser, Romulo Royo and Jerry Powers–a well known media-giant in […]

Sculptures by Benoit Alcouffe at Kavachnina Contemporary

Jacques Bosser / Benoit Alcouffe

HITI 150X150 cm Painting pigments + acrylic base / plywoodSAIBO 150X150X7 cm Painting pigments + acrylic base / plywoodTUMO 160X120 cm 1/1 painting pigment + acrylic base /plywood silver print / baryté Frame Skateboard zinc, rivets,spikes, glass. Dim: 2.9 ft x 0.95 ft x 0.82 ftBenoit Alcouffe Underlying Comparisons and Paradoxes: January 10th – February […]

SALUSTIANO: KUNST MESSE FRANKFURT 15 “…The fair selected as the official image for Kunst Messe Frankfurt 15, to match their red and white color logo, the work of Spanish artist, Seville-based Salustiano entitled ‘Present Pluscuamperfecto, Nino Vestido de Rojo, 2014.'” More from SALUSTIANO

Salustiano breaks record at Christie’s Sale, July 2013

Salustiano breaks record at Christie’s sale, July 2013 KAVACHNINA CONTEMPORARY is proud to support the work of Spanish artist Salustiano as he continues to rise with enormous market recognition among the world’s top art collectors. We congratulate Salustiano on breaking a world record with his recent sale of Tambien hacia la luz #3 which sold at a […]