Jerry Powers Mr.305-Pitbull   Acrylic on silk-screened canvas  40 x 40 inches

“Captain Planet”

This spring, Kavachnina Contemporary presents Captain Planet, a group exhibition about the individual’s will to power in a globalized world. Featuring Jerry Powers, Salustiano, Romulo Royo, Jacques Bosser, Michael Shultis, Vasily Kafanov, Benoit Alcouffe, Henry Bermudez, Kiseok Kim, Fang Lijun, Feng Zhengjie, and the Luo Brothers. Miami Media giant Jerry Powers is the show’s culminating […]

162x130cm-JaponicasIII-Ink acrylic and oil on canvas-Romulo Royo

Romulo Royo: WORKS

January 10 – Feburary Kavachnina Contemporary Presents: Works by Spanish artist Romulo Royo. Born in Zaragoza, Royo has worked both as illustrator and fine artist. Since 2000 he has exhibited internationally through private collections, foundations, and museums, including “…the Metelkova Museum, Can Framis Museum, the X Biennial Martínez Guerricabeitia Foundation at the Museum of the […]

TUMO 160X120 cm
painting pigment + acrylic base /plywood
silver print / baryté


Jacques BosserSAIBO 150X150X7 cm Painting pigments + acrylic base / plywoodTUMO 160X120 cm 1/1 painting pigment + acrylic base /plywood silver print / baryté Frame

WINTER: Solo Exhibition by SALUSTIANIO at Kavachnina Contemporary


“It happens often to artists…to find themselves away from real life. We get lost in the clouds or we dive into an ocean of reveries. That’s when our friends and family play a very important role getting us back to reality. They call us and remind us who we are and where is our place. The […]